We Provide a Safe and Entertaining Venue for Everyone

The following provides an outline of our basic conditions of entry. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure all our children and adults feel comfortable and safe while enjoying our premises.

Important:  Please do not visit Wisco Kidz Place if you or your child has experienced vomiting or diarrhea in the last 48 – 72 hours.

Open Play Rules

  • When booking 1 child pass you will automatically see a count of 2 as the system will add one adult free of charge. (This is for occupancy purposes only) $5 per adult after 2 adults per child.
  • All waivers will need to be filled out prior to play when booking online and/or walk-ins will need to be filled out online or with a QR code posted in the facility.

  • No refunds for open play. A voucher will be given for open play at a later time of your choosing.

  • Wisco Kidz tries to make the facility as hassle-free as possible. Any grip socks are recommended to avoid potential slips, but socks in general is a MUST (an adult is responsible if wearer slips due to no grip socks). You may purchase socks at the front desk if needed.

  • No shoes or bare feet while playing in any area (If sensory issues associated with autism are present, we have alternative methods instead of using socks)

  • No horseplaying or roughhousing.

  • Bullying, Harassment, etc will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave.

  • No climbing on top or on the outside of the play structure.

  • No going behind the play structure.

  • No kids over the age of three are allowed in the toddler area.

  • No food or drinks are allowed on the mats or inside the play structure.

Party Rules

  • Mini Party Package: 6 Children Max and 15 adults NO EXCEPTIONS                       
  • Regular Party and Private Party Package: 12 Children and 17 adults (you can add additional. 1 child = 1 additional adult)
  • The Person who booked the Party is responsible for the Conduct of everyone invited to the party. This includes adults. If items are damaged, or destroyed, and or conduct is being disruptive or conduct is unbecoming Wisco kidz Place staff will ask that individuals to leave and the booking party may be held responsible for damages.

  • Please be mindful of time. You have a 90-minute party (mini) or 2hr (Regular or Private). We understand younger children find it harder to get ready to leave but Wisco Kidz Place reserves the right to charge the booking party if the party goes over time. 10 minutes of grace will be granted. We are an occupancy-based facility and this may affect people coming in or follow-up birthday parties.

  • Wisco Kidz Place will be open to the public for walk-ins during Mini and Regular Birthday parties.

  • Older children over 12 years WILL be considered part of the Adult count. If any children regardless of age play Wisco Kidz Reserves the right to charge you (or count toward your children’s count) or ask them to leave. (This also includes children that are just “babysitting.”)

  • When booking you will see “additional quantity” ie. 6 kids = 12. The one-to-one ratio is for occupancy purposes in adults. NOT ADDITIONAL Children.

  • All invites will need to fill out waivers online before arriving that way check-in will be speedy

  • No Confetti/Glitter/Silly String or Pinatas

  • No restrictions on food! You may be able to bring in ANY Food, cupcakes/Cakes, and each room has outlets for crackpots, etc

  • You may be able to come “set up” 15 minutes before. (Please understand we may have had a party in front of you. We can accommodate for more time if no party is ahead of you)

  • All invites will be required to wear socks or will be required to purchase socks at the front desk.

  • Cancelation policy: ½ down as deposit. Full Deposits are refundable up to 7 days before the party. Non-refundable within 7 days of party. 


In order to provide safe play for children of all ages, we have divided our playgrounds into different areas:

3 And Under

Experience our Toddler Zone at Wisco Kidz, tailored for children aged 3 and under With engaging climbing structures, floor games, and interactive play, it’s the perfect space for early exploration and fun-filled adventures!



2-10 Years

Welcome to the Main Zone at Wisco Kidz, where the fun never stops! Our vibrant play area is perfect for kids of all ages, from 2 to 10 years old. Come and explore the excitement and adventure that await you here! Just a heads up for parents with younger children under 3: older kids also play here, so get ready for a mixed-age experience full of fun and laughter!

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